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Private Tours Over 6 People, & up to 20 people.

Under Water

The Lady Magdalena 

The Lady Magdalena is a Trident 3510 ft Coast Guard Inspected vessel with a bathroom/changing room on board. She operates out of Fort Myers Beach, and travels South through Estero Bay down to Bonita Springs, and North up to Captiva.  Most private charter companies carry only six people.  This is where The Lady Magdalena shines, as she carries up to 20 people on private charters.
She is also great for our Dolphin Cruises, Shelling tours, Boat only Island trips, Eco Tours, because she can go into very shallow water and get to where we need to be.
 So come on and join us to make some great memories on her with your family and friends!

The boat was named ofter the Captains Mother who loved the water and boating. She was raised on the Rhine river and always had a love of the water and its 

The Boat: About
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