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Get an In-Person Look at  Wildlife with Our Sea Life Tour

You have likely seen shows on TV where people get to ride boats right up to where dolphins are frolicking, or where the people can look down into clear waters and see a variety of fish, crabs, and other wildlife going about their lives. If you're in Florida or coming here on vacation, you don't have to leave those experiences for the  other people. Sign up for one of our dolphin tours, and enjoy it for yourself.


On our dolphin tours, we take you right up to where the dolphins are so that you can see them close to the boat if not right next to it. You'll also see plenty of other creatures, so this tour also includes our sea life tour.


There are many types of sea life in and around Florida's oceans. Along with the big animals like dolphins and manatees, you'll see sea birds, other sea life, and perhaps even some land animals.


You can combine your sea life tour with our shelling option, as well. This is a great option for family activities, because looking for seashells gives everyone something to do. Kids who would be bored just sitting on a boat, no matter how beautiful the view, will love going along a beach and picking up their own souvenirs.


A few rules do apply to these dolphin tours. This is for the protections of the dolphins and other wildlife as well as our passengers. The first is to refrain from touching or feeding the wildlife. Many animals do not like to be touched, and may be harmed or become agitated if people get too close. They also need to hunt their own food because it provides them with a healthier diet as well as ensuring that they don't get too bold around humans.


Next, seashells that are still being used by living creatures must be left alone, though empty ones are free for the taking. By keeping in-use shells where they are, and the creatures within them alive, we ensure that there will continue to be empty ones available for us later on.


Rather than infringing on the fun, these simple rules help to teach everyone, including children, about the best way to interact with nature and the environment. Therefore, it's an extra bonus if you're looking for family activities.


To learn more about our dolphin tours and sea life tour, just give us a call or visit our site. We'll be glad to tell you all about them and any other options of interest.

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