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Family Group Charters

Sea Charters: Some of the Best Family Activities in Florid

When you come to Florida with your family, you will surely know of the state's most famous attraction. However, that is only good for one day's worth of activity, and even worse, it doesn't really give you the tropical feel that this state is so well-known for. For that, you have to get away from the giant tourist attraction near the center of the state, and head to the docks at Fort Myers for family tours.


Here, our boats are waiting to take you on family group charters and give you a taste of the Floridian outdoors. We offer many customization options, so you can choose the ones that will interest everyone in your family. Whether your kids love to look for seashells, fish, or even look at wildlife that they couldn't see at home, we can provide the action. Our boat goes to a variety of beautiful and exciting locations that will fill you all with awe, wonder, or the adrenalin of catching fish in new and larger waters.


While our charters aren't the only family activities in Florida, we're sure that they're some of the most memorable. After you've seen so many motels, theme parks, generic restaurants, and roadside tourist traps, you'll be glad to experience something that doesn't seem so overly commercial that you could be just anywhere. In fact, you and your kids will welcome the break and enjoy being able to truly see the wildlife and environment that has led millions of people to make Florida their home.


There's no need to worry about safety on our family tours. Our boat is a pontoon boat, which has high sides that keep children from falling out and is stable enough for the elderly to stand with steadiness even when we're in motion. Of course, these features are safer for you, as well. Because of this, everyone can enjoy the ride without being distracted.


If you want to bring some extra people along, there's no trouble with that either. The boat holds up to 15 people for tours and eight for fishing trips, so there's plenty of space.


The only thing you need to be sure to do is book our family group charters well in advance. That way, your boat will be waiting when you arrive at our dock, and you'll be on your way without a hitch. Just tell us the size of your group and which of our activities or destinations you want to experience, and we'll arrange the rest. If your family includes a dog, don't worry – we approve most canine companions, too!

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