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Boat Only Island Tours

Why Take Boat Only Island Tours?

When most people take a boat tour, the high points involve getting off the boat and walking around all over sub-tropical places. However, there is another type of tour where the draw is exactly the opposite. This is the type of tour where you cruise along to see ecosystems that are too sensitive to handle direct interaction with tourists.

These eco tours help protect these islands by allowing only boat access, this limits visitors and their possible impact. Therefore, they are accurately described as boat only island tours. In them, you are taken near the shores of one of our estuary islands. There, you'll have the chance to look through binoculars or take telephoto pictures of everything that's visible from your vantage point. This is a great opportunity to shell, look for land mammals, and also great for our fragile plant life photos

Of course, boat only island tours aren't the only types of eco tours you can enjoy. There are all sorts of wildlife tours that involve plant and animal populations that are more amenable to up-close examination. One of the most popular of these is our dolphin tour, which departs from Fort Myers Beach, Florida. We do ask that you refrain from touching or feeding the dolphins, but we're able to come close to where they're swimming so that you can get your pictures while also abiding to "Dolphin Smart" Rules and staying a safe distance away. You'll also be able to see them in detail without the use of binoculars or similar aids. If you really want to feel "right there," these are the tours for you.

Even though our up-close tours are referred to as "dolphin tours" on the front page of our site, it is important to note that you'll see plenty of other marine, land, and air life as well. There are plenty of birds to watch, and you'll even have the chance to collect some shells. Because of this, these tours can also be called wildlife tours.

If you're in the area for an extended period, we suggest you take multiple tours to get the best experience. This way, you can safely see endangered species that can only be viewed from a distance, and then check out some of our more robust species for that in-person feel.

All of our tours are chartered, so you don't have to worry that you'll be crowded onto a boat with a bunch of strangers. Instead, you'll be with a company you enjoy, and from it, you'll get the atmosphere that you prefer. Call us today to set up your tours for a very unique vacation!

We do it all, from Fort Myers Beach and travel all through Estero Bay down to Bonita Springs!


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